Saturday, February 2, 2008

Saturday Evening

I have resumed my monthly drop-in breakfasts, and today had four guests show up to drink tea, enjoy toast and egg bake, and visit with me and my kitty-boys. The amaryllis on my dining room table are in full, glorious bloom, and they were much celebrated.

I'm reading Bruce Chilton's book Rabbi Jesus. Highly recommended. I'm going to read his Rabbi Paul and Mary Magdalen next. I wonder if he has ever published his translations of scripture, which are much rougher and infinitely more informative than the usual, edited, literaturized fare. S. Maureen just dropped off the last Harry Potter book as well, which I'm enjoying, though not during my usual bedtime reading, as it's much too big and heavy for that.

I'm also re-reading Humphrey Carpenter's Inklings, about CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien and Charles Williams. For some reason the description of CS Lewis' rooms in Magdalen College, Oxford, reminded me of a conversation I had with Annette McDermott, SSJ (Springfield) about 5 years ago. She remarked that research, surveys, (and ordinary conversation, for that matter,) suggest that many younger members of religious communities would prefer to live in groups of 4-7, but that it's hard to find living spaces that work well for that kind of a community. The old convent model doesn't quite do it, and the average single-family home doesn't really lend itself to such a group of unrelated adults either. She wanted to convene a conference of younger sisters, designers, architects and builders to see what kind of a dwelling could be designed to fit the bill. Don't quite know when that will ever happen, but in the meantime I made a few sketches last night, and will post them here if they amount to anything.

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