Monday, February 25, 2008

A Visit from Mom

Just dropped my mom off at the airport on this foggy morning after a good breakfast at the St. Clair Broiler. She was here for the weekend, and we had a(nother) really nice visit, by ourselves and with various friends and community members. Among other things, we saw the movie "Juno", which is a fine little flick. We also checked out progress on the reconstruction of the 35-W bridge. It was fun to toodle around like that. We noted the many snow-persons in yards looking somewhat pitiful these days due to melting snow. In keeping with my Yard Sculptures theme of late, here's a fit-looking specimen I found on Summit Avenue a few weeks ago when we were still in the midst of the Polar Vortex.
Holy One, you bless us with a new day for living and loving.
Trusting that you will be with us, we pray.
Creator God, you made us in your image;
help us to be open to your ongoing work in us.
Compassionate Savior, you look upon us with blessing;
give us eyes to look upon the world with love.
Gracious Spirit, your power transforms hearts;
form and reform us with the fire of your love.
Hidden God, you come to us in each dear neighbor;
open our hearts to welcome them with all-inclusive love.
Faithful God, you know our weakness;
help us to persevere in the commitments we have made.
Holy and Strong God, you enable prophets in our own time to hear the cries of the poor;
move us to respond generously to their needs.
Amen. from Daily Lenten Prayer on the website of the Sisters of St. Joseph, St. Paul Province.
Today I'm grateful for: my mom's visit, all my good friends.
Holding in prayer today: Dodo's brother, MK still having pain after foot surgery, GL having a lung biopsy today, other friends recovering from surgeries, S,S,D and M traveling today and all travellers, the grieving community of Cottonwood, Minnesota, Alianiss Morales, Carla Poole, interfaith dialogue and understanding efforts, Sisters of St. Joseph in Paraguay.

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