Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Coming of Spring-Almost!

Kirk Jordan, of the Mighty Works Project, lives in Arkansas, where it's already spring.
He posted this photo, "Green Tsunami" with a prophecy for his friends to the north:
Be warned, a huge green wave is heading your way.

Tee hee!

Here are some barges coming up the Minnesota River in Fort Snelling State Park. I took these photos in April, 2007.

This is a map of historic Fort Snelling.
I got it from the Project Gutenberg EBook of Old Fort Snelling, by Marcus L. Hansen,
originally published by the State Historical Society of Iowa in 1918. The fort was completed in 1825.
The photo below, of the Pentagonal Tower, was taken from Hidden Falls Regional Park, in April, 2007.

Several people from CenterPeace community went down to the state park after supper on Monday evening and hiked over to Pike Island, where they watched a beaver building a dam. They also talked to a guy who'd seen a coyote on the island. I haven't seen a coyote down there for a couple of years, so I'm glad to know they're back.

Blessed are you, our God, Maker of the Universe,
who has such beautiful things in the universe.

Today I'm grateful for: the busy new life all around us: birds building nests, rabbits, chipmunks and squirrels at work in our backyard, grass turning green, early flowers in bloom; for leaf buds about to burst; for warmer, sunny breezes; for restful sleep and satisfying work to do; for my friends and family.

Holding in prayer today: J&J, getting married at the courthouse this afternoon; for healing and support for PC, ML, JK, MB, and all dealing with serious illness; for the families of the people killed in the accident on the St. Croix river on Monday, and for healing for the survivors; for KR and all traveling today; for the Sisters of St. Joseph in Uruguay.

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