Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fort Snelling State Park

April woods in Minnesota, at Fort Snelling, of course. It's always fun to watch the brown undergrowth turn green as spring advances. The tree tops in the park have that greenish misty look they get just before the leaves begin to unfurl.
Today I'm grateful for: the beauty of ordinary things like the produce aisle in the grocery store and the courting cardinals out in our alley.
Holding in prayer today: PC, who has hit a really rough patch in her life and needs much prayer from anyone so inclined; J and all immigrants; the angry people who post mean-spirited, racist comments on the Pioneer Press website; Alice Hausman; the family of the woman hit and killed on Lake Street Sunday morning, for her children and husband, and for the young man who did it; for Archbishop Nienstedt; for people who work for ICE, especially Tim Counts; and for the Sisters of St. Joseph in Malawi.

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Doc Op said...

I can see why you would love this park. I thought the bean pods were vultures or bats until I took a closer look.

I have a friend who posts from New York. Given that I'm farther south, I get to show him what is comming his way (in the Spring), even as he shows me our "future" in the Fall.

If Arkansas is any indication you are getting ready to see an explosion of green!