Saturday, April 26, 2008

Neighborhood Watchduck, Part 2

For the world and time are
the dance of the Lord in emptiness.
The silence of the spheres
is the music of a wedding feast.
The more we persist in misunderstanding
the phenomena of life,
the more we analyze them out
into strange finalities and complex purposes of our own,
the more we involve ourselves
in sadness, absurdity, and despair.
But it doesn't matter much,
because no despair of ours
can alter the reality of things,
or stain the joy of the cosmic dance
which is always there.
Indeed, we are in the midst of it,
and it is in the midst of us,
for it beats in our very blood,
whether we want it to or not.
Yet the fact remains that we are invited
to forget ourselves on purpose,
cast our awful solemnity to the winds
and join in the general dance.
--Thomas Merton
What are you doing?
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What's my Twitter name? Bayathread1. See you in the cloud, I hope.


ben said...

I live with a duck for a while. They're kinda like cats ... not social like dogs ... they set their own schedule.

Are you sure you want to use them as smoke-screen? I don't think that's right. Phenomenal word is /the/ text. Those of us who know so ... it should be said /so/ ... no?

I'm only starving because my kith and kin are cowards. Simply that.

Also, perenthetically: the planet is dieing. [sic]


Susan Rose, CSJP said...

I've added you to the Sister Bloggers web ring. Welcome!!!