Thursday, May 15, 2008


With our late spring here in Minnesota, it'll be awhile before we get to the point of visiting the garden to pick the vegetables, but I couldn't resist sharing this little poetic gem from Rachel Barenblatt today anyway, in anticipation:

Six days you may visit
to pick sugar snap peas

to burnish your fingers
with basil and dill

to strip string beans
from their leggy bushes

and choose radishes
to stash in your bag.

But on the seventh
let the land rest:

the chattering chickens
and drowsy sunflowers

the garlic hanging
fragrant in the rafters

even the earthworms
ineffable, underground.

Keep them in trust
and let them keep you.

--Rachel Barenblatt (The Velveteen Rabbi)
Blogging here. Wonder-fully.

You can listen to Rachel reading this poem at her site as well. It's from the week's Torah portion. I took the photo through stained glass with a window screen behind it, in the chapel at Sarah' Oasis for Women. Sarah's is a ministry of our province which provides a welcoming space for women looking for housing, community and safety.
Also glad to see that Jammie Thomas may get a new trial. See the story here. I wonder how long it will take the record companies to make the transition into the new age of collaborative creation that the web enables. Kudos to Jammie for not backing down.

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