Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Day in Duluth

Lighthouse at the Duluth Harbor

Gulls on a lamppost at the Lift Bridge

Lift Bridge scaffolding

One of my favorite places on the planet is the city of Duluth, Minnesota and the North Shore of Lake Superior. So last week when a friend with a job interview appointment invited me to accompany her up there, I didn't refuse. We stayed overnight at the Benedictine monastery of St. Scholastica, way up on the hill beside the college, and in the morning, while she went to her interview, I went down to the harbor to watch ships pass under the Lift Bridge. While no ships went through during the hour I was there, the bird- and people-watching were quite enough on such a fine, fresh, sunny day. We visited Moose Lake State Park on the way back down to the Cities. That makes 11 Minnesota state parks I've now visited, and only 60 more to go!

Today I'm grateful for: my job; a safe and happy home; the ability and opportunity to travel sometimes; my sisters in community; the beauty of a rainy evening.
Holding in prayer today: the sisters traveling in Uganda; the people who relied on Meals on Wheels in Anoka County now that it's been cut; people who rely on public defenders in this state, now that that budget has been cut significantly; all immigrants and migrants, especially the people in Postville, Iowa; KH coming to the end of her life; JK, PC, MF and others dealing with serious medical issues;
lonely people; all the Sisters of St. Joseph on the African continent.

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