Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Prayer for Ash Wednesday

May we live this holy season in a spirit of faithful prayer, fasting, and good works.
Create in us new hearts, O God.
In a world of abundance where children go hungry,
may we work so that all will have daily bread.
In a world which values wealth and power more than human persons and community,
may we stand as witnesses to the dignity of every person.
In a world where disagreements and longstanding enmities are resolved by war,
may we spend our lives as apostles of peace and unity.
In a world created out of love and charged with your sacred presence,
may we help to reveal your face in all people and in all creation.
In a world which hungers for meaning and purpose,
may we be companions to the dear neighbor, bearing your light and your truth.

Reprinted from Daily Prayer, Daily Bread, published by the Congregation of St. Joseph, 2006.

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