Friday, May 14, 2010

Let Us Walk in Shoes of Integrity

O Great Creator, do not keep silence;
do not withhold your peace or
be still, O Giver of Life!

For fear is rampant in the world;
those who rule by oppression
rise up with power.

They lay deceptive plans against the people;
they consult together against
freedom and justice.

Crafty words belie intent as thousands
reap dire consequences;
nations go to war and the innocent suffer!

Yes, they conspire with one accord;
against Love, they make a covenant --

No institution is free from the insidious arm of corruption,
at home and in fields afar.

Who will succor the homeless, the orphans, the starving,
those cast aside by decisions
based on greed?

Who will speak up on their behalf?
Let all with faith-filled hearts
rise up with Love.

Clothe us in the dress of your peace
and the stronghold of your mercy,
that we might bear the power of Love;

Let us walk in shoes of integrity,
and don the mantle of truth.

Let us shed the tatters of envy and fear,
the rags of anger and greed.

And say, "We shall seek only the Truth,
which will set us free!"

O Beloved, let all that is unholy within us be cleansed,
erased as chalk from a slate.

As fire consumes the forest,
as the flame reaches up to the heavens,

Let the refining Fire of your Love
reach into the hidden places
withn open hearts!

Forgive us and let the deep regret of our souls
rise up as contrite offerings.

Let the people seek your Word,
let the nations turn from violence and destruction.

Let them know that You alone,
You who reign with Love,
are the Most High over all the earth!

Psalm 83
Nan C. Merrill
Psalms for Praying
Continuum, 1996

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