Friday, July 18, 2008

Unclouded Vision

Here are two more bookmarks I made during the lacemaking retreat. These are done with thinner thread and more care in keeping the tension constant and the pins in a straight line. Since I got home I've purchased some even finer thread, but haven't figured out where and how to do the lacemaking here with enough light to see it by properly. It's kind of an ongoing problem, having to do with aging eyes, trifocals, and insufficient lamps. I'm sure I'll get it worked out, and that pretty much means everyone will be getting lace bookmarks for Christmas.

So, when we have made every effort to understand, we are ready to take upon ourselves the mystery of things; then the most trivial of happenings is touched by wonder, and there may come to us, by grace, a moment of unclouded vision.
Helen Luke

Today I am grateful for: home, community and friends; good rest; cooler weather after yesterday's rain; a birthday lunch and conversation with Liz; a phone message yesterday from Monica in Uganda; everything green and blossoming.
Holding in prayer today: MW, JK, PC, MB, CB, EO, JO, and others dealing with serious health issues; the sisters in Uganda and the people with whom they're working; some folks in Nebraska; people dealing with mental health and addiction issues; SG and others trying to figure out what matters; DM and others hurting and angry; J, S and all immigrants; people who work for ICE, especially Tim Counts; the sisters of St. Joseph in Algeria.

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St Edwards Blog said...

Beautiful bookmarks,
Beautiful quote,
Beautiful post.

Pax to you and many prayers.